Foto des DAAD-Preisträgers Rasool Shahsevani
Foto: FAU/Giulia Iannicelli

Rasool Shahsevani


The “DAAD-Preis“ is dedicated to Rasool Shahsevani. In 2015 he started his research in the field of mechatronics and robotics at the Institute for Factory Automation and Production Systems (FAPS) at FAU. The subject of his PhD dissertation is „Universal Robotic Gripper with Multi Extensible Components System for Human-robot Cooperation“. Some of his outstanding scientific achievements include two new inventions, the „Universal Extensible Gripper“ and the „Multi-Extensible Components System“, which were submitted to Germany’s patent office by FAU’s patent department in 2019. These patents were published with the DE patent numbers on June 15 in 2022. These invented grippers make a significant contribution that enables robots to pick up different objects which can be used in various sections of industry. Additionally, some of his other research results were published in scientific publications as well. Mr. Shahsevan was already invited as a technical committee member to International Conferences and has received several awards from his home country (Iran). A scholarship from the DAAD has helped completing him his PhD dissertation in robotic and mechatronics under the supervision of Prof. Dr.-Ing. Jörg Franke. At his chair Mr. Shahsevani is known for extensive knowledge and creative ideas in technical fields as well as his determination and innovations.

It is not only his academic skills that impresses. Mr. Shahsevani is also a motivated and active person who has demonstrated a commitment to intercultural and social initiatives. For instance, he has been a voluntary member working at the EFIE e.V. (Ehrenamtliche Flüchtlingsbetreuung in Erlangen) since January 2020. He is supporting newly arriving international students to find accommodation, learn German and find a job. During the Corona pandemic, he has supported several refugees who speak Farsi as their mother tongue and also the refugees from Ukraine in Erlangen. He has cooperated with the “Ausländer- und Integrationsbeirat (AIB) Erlangen” which has been in contact with the city leadership and political parties in Erlangen since 2019 and he has become a member of the mentioned board since September 2022. He is participating in this association to improve the living conditions of people with a migration background by identifying their complaints and calling on responsible authorities of Erlangen to take action. Of course, he also completed a German Integration course which lasted six months, attended a cultural workshop, and helped to organize an integration workshop which included facilitating a discussion and giving a speech. According to his academic skills and knowledge, his intercultural and social endeavours, willingness to help others and ameliorate the cooperation with and within universities and the communities, Mr. Shashevan greatly deserves the DAAD-Preis.

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