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Aisha Abdul Quddus


Aside from her excellent academic performance, Aisha Abdul Quddus has been socially involved in many ways, both outside and within the MAP program. One particular aspect that Aisha keenly focused on is the well-being and integration of international students. Firstly, she was part of the Pakistan Student Association Erlangen-Nuremberg chapter from October 2021 to September 2022 and was an active member of their event management team. In addition, Aisha Abdul Quddus was the point of contact and acted as a buddy and organizer, particularly for female students arriving from Pakistan in need of help and support during their initial time upon arrival in Germany. Secondly, she has been a great support for all MAP students. She supported students in her class in any possible way to understand and adapt to German culture and to find solutions for challenges related to working and living in a new cultural environment. She always had an open ear for students starting in classes below her and found very appropriate ways to provide support and practical help as a senior student. In this way, Aisha Abdul Quddus became an important pillar in the community of our MAP students.

Foto: FAU/Iannicelli


alle FAU Awards 2023