Foto: FAU/Iannicelli

Adila Eugenia Brindel

Hans Wilhelm und Helga Schüßler-Preis

The Schüßler Prize has been awarded to Ms. Adila Brindel, who hails from Brazil and pursued her studies in Human Geography there. Following her Bachelor’s degree, she went on to complete a Master’s degree in Kulturgeographie at our institution, FAU. In her research, Ms. Brindel critically examines the work of the Brazilian NGO „coding rights“ from both a feminist and political-geographical perspective. Her contributions have been invaluable in stimulating sociological investigations into the realm of digital transformation. We are delighted that she continues her academic journey in the field of digital and political geography at FAU. Since October 2022, Ms. Brindel’s Ph.D. research has been funded by the Rosa Luxemburg Foundation due to her highly innovative approach to exploring the use of digital technologies by women in the political sphere.

In addition to her academic pursuits, Ms. Brindel is actively engaged in civil society and academia. In 2019, she developed an Online-Mentoring-Program to support compatriots interested in studying in Germany, having already assisted over 100 students through this initiative. Furthermore, Ms. Brindel participated in the “Diversity Scout” Program offered by our Office of Gender and Diversity and established an International Reading Circle in Feminist Studies. Since 2020, this online project has brought together students and scholars from Germany and Brazil to engage in discussions on gender justice. Ms. Brindel stands out as an exceptional bridge builder, fostering connections across the Atlantic and bridging diverse cultures and genders.

Foto: FAU/Iannicelli


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